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Posted by on Mar 28, 2019 in Marriage Counseling | 0 comments

The Benefits of a Marriage Counselor

Recently, my neighbor told me that he and his wife were having significant issues in their marriage, and they did not know what to do to solve their problems. I had almost no experience in the matter, so I did some research so that I could be a better help to him. I came across the website for Kathleen Snyder MFT, a marriage counselor that has over 20 years of experience helping couples work their problems out. Kathleen is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, and she says that couples counseling can be a crucial part of fixing any problems that can arise in a marriage.

The website says that as long as both parties are committed to returning to the love and friendship that the couple once had, then reconciliation is absolutely possible. It’s important to communicate with a therapist that can guide a couple in the right direction in order to minimize the stress of daily interaction in the face of life’s many challenges. Once interaction becomes less stressful, then it becomes easier for the couple to fix any problems and heal any hurt feelings so that friendship and intimacy can return to the relationship.

Kathleen’s website outlined a variety of topics and issues that she has years of experience in helping couples overcome. Something that affects a lot of couples is resentment that builds up after a prolonged conflict. If one or both members of a couple have needs that are unaddressed for long periods of time, resentment and frustration can permeate the entirety of the relationship. It’s important to see a couples’ counselor to have someone to help the couple break through their obstacles to communication so that unmet needs can come to light and be addressed in a healthy way. Couples that face this issue need to commit to turning towards each other rather than away when they begin to feel resentment towards each other.

Kathleen also has experience dealing with affair recovery. Recovering from an affair in a relationship is extremely challenging, and the process should be guided by a professional. The website says that the recovery process should be in two discrete stages. First, the couple needs to set boundaries in their marriage in order to create a sense of security. Both partners need to know when and how to help the other when things are sensitive. After the first stage is complete, the second stage requires the couple to focus on the underlying issues in the relationship that allowed the affair to happen in the first place. It’s important for the couple to have gotten through the immediate implications of the unfaithfulness before they can begin to build a new foundation.

There are many other issues that marriage and family counselors are trained to tackle as well. Many couples have significant differences in parenting style and some experience obstacles to sexual intimacy that can create barriers to communication and emotional intimacy for the couple. Regardless of the issue, marriage counseling is meant to address strong emotions that complicate any issue between a couple. Counselors are trained to work with the strong emotions that their patients feel and offering solutions to manage or channel those emotions.

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