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Posted by on May 9, 2015 in Haircare | 0 comments

The Ombre and Balayage Hair Techniques

When the going gets tough . . . the hair usually ends up looking terrible. But with an excellent hair treatment from a high-end hair salon in Houston you, definitely, will never have to worry again about how your hair looks.

Therapy Hair Studio, one of the top hair salons in the Greater Houston area, remains committed in providing only the best hair care for all their clients – the basic reason why, despite the availability of so many do-it-yourself products, people just keep coming back. Why? Because, besides the excellent service that always exceed clients’ expectations and the comfortable ambiance, this salon’s specially selected team of hair specialists also know how to make their clients feel great about their hair and the treatment that they just received.

Besides hair length reduction and trims for male and female (including children, of course), salon clients also enjoy cutting with styling, blow-drying, shampooing, conditioning treatment w/ heat, smoothing, hot rollers, keratin treatment, overlays and add on color, flat or curling iron, lash tint, brow tint, deluxe nail care service, and other facial services, according to Therapy Hair Studio. For special occasions, such as anniversaries or weddings, the salon offers hair style and make-up services that are meant to complement a client’s outfit and personal style – services that will surely bring out the client’s most stunning looks.

Among the most sought after hair treatments at present, however, are the Ombre & Balyage hair techniques which, lately, have been garnering lots of attention.

The Ombre hair technique involves the gradual lightening of hair strands. At the roots, where the hair’s color is maintained or made darker, this dark shade is made to fade as the hair’s color becomes lighter towards the hair ends. This hair technique, which is great, especially, for those with curly hair, can exude either subtlety or remarkability; but no matter which, one sure thing is that it is definitely eye-catching and will make you totally gorgeous.

Balayage, a French term, which means, “to sweep,” is great for those whose hair is straight. Now the most popular hair coloring technique requested in salons, balayage is known to create depth, dimension and a natural, sun-kissed finish, the same sun-kissed highlights that you got when you were a kid.

Many women are just excited to try either the Ombre or the Balayage and feel great about their new look. But, though, these hair treatments are sure to make you look really great, just make sure that you entrust the service to a hair care specialist.

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